About Us

In Harmony With Nature Plant Nursery is located in sunny South Florida. Founded by Gwen and Kevin Harding in 2005. The couple first moved to Pitsburg Pennslyvania from Essex England in 1968 with their three children: Alex, Paul and Lorraine. In 1971 they moved to South Florida and met a harsh economy. The pair decided to turn to growing and going back to nature. They started a small business selling plants and growing new varieties from cuttings given to them by local friends. Slowly their business began to grow and they were able to expand the varieties their nursery offers.

Today they are still humbled by the culture that exists around growing and planting. Being a family run business, their children and now grand children often visit them and help run the nursery. “It’s a true family run business. The grandkids come up and we get to spend quality time together,” says Gwen. When asked about why they chose the name In Harmony With Nature, Kevin responded “We’re a gentle people and wanted a gentle name. It’s a simple and fulfilling life and we love being close to nature.”

The couple feels that they have the best customers, “People are happy to purchase plants and create new spaces for themselves. We are happy to provide that. Our customers are the best because they come here because they want to be here. We try to give a deal to our customers by having them return their empty containers for us to reuse. We want to stay a green and sustainable business and reusing is much better than putting them into the landfill.”

Gwen and Kevin are always happy to explain how they started growing different varieties of plants. Gwen explains, “We were able to grow Royal Poinciana thanks to my friend Ruth who brought up cuttings from Thomas Edison’s house in Key West. Now we grow them here. There’s nothing better than being part of a community of friendly people who help each other. Neighbors give us plants so we can grow them for their neighbors. Because of this community of support we’re able to provide plants at around 50% less than most garden centers due to the ability to keep costs low.”

Landscaping and Delivery is Available. Call for questions.